2023-05-17: Virginia Woolf writing to her sister Vanessa Bell soon after T. S. Eliot had become a Christian: …

2023-05-15: Richmond falls

2023-05-14: Bluebells in yesterday’s spring sunshine (though not that blue in this case!)

2023-05-13: Spring sunshine today

2023-05-09: Richmond between the showers.

2023-05-08: I loved visiting the Propsteikirche in Leipzig. An extraordinary building: unapologetically …

2023-05-06: Lambs in Bilsdale today, with the Wainstones in the background.

2023-05-06: Green phone box!

2023-05-06: A jumble of bridges crossing the Tyne during a quick lunchtime walk.

2023-05-04: Hildegard of Bingen captures something of the strangeness of prayer: I saw a great splendour in …

2023-04-30: Currently reading: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism by Jason M. Baxter 📚

2023-04-11: A powerful mural in Leipzig, where the East German regime started to disintegrate. „Wir sind das …

2023-03-12: Rock formations, Redcar beach

2023-02-25: Redcar tractor

2023-02-18: Coverdale

2023-02-15: Great Roova, Coverdale

2023-02-14: Goldsborough from Teesdale


2023-02-09: Hiking between Husthwaite and Coxwold.

2023-01-22: Blustery Hartlepool

2023-01-21: Hartlepool rainbow

2023-01-15: 20 + C + M + B + 23

2023-01-09: Durham Cathedral crib this evening

2023-01-03: I was delighted by the crib in St Margaret’s Preston under Scar, which features a shepherd playing …

2023-01-02: Wensleydale from Leyburn Shawl this afternoon

2022-12-30: Extraordinary light over the Lincolnshire Wolds yesterday, with Lincoln Cathedral silhouetted on the …

2022-12-28: Roseberry Topping from Carlton Moor

2022-09-10: Above Bacharach